iPhone 13 Pro Max Full Box

iPhone 13 Pro Max Full Box


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iPhone 13 Pro Max Box

 Model: Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Box

Box Type:
1. Normal Box 
2. Hi quality Box 
3. Original Box

Condition: New
About this item:
This is a good quality box. Of which the box paper is very durable and strong. New in box and original. We generally sell our products through wholesale and retail.

Our Products Stock list:
Box Items:  iPhone Mobile Box, Samsung Mobile Box, Original Box, Hi Quality Box.
Accessories Items: Adapter, Cable, Headphone, Charged, type C-cable, 13 to 14 pro Max sill pack, iPhone Box sill Pack, Productor, S23 Ultra sill, 530 spray all everything have.

price/AED 15.00

We are selling products Mobile Box, Used Mobile Phone and Accessories. Our Product Sale on UAE and All county Delivery Available. 

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